Welcome to Il Calabrese, Franklyns Yard, Holt. Opened in dedication to my mother, Concetta, who was born in Ciro’ Superior in the province of Calabria. She is a very youthful looking octogenarian who has always been dedicated to her family. We honour her with a taste of Calabria, in Holt!

We use as many local suppliers as possible for our stock ingredients, including our sour dough focaccia bread produced locally by Annie Garcia. The salami and cheeses are of course from Italy, and so are our wonderful Italian wines and spirits. We also source some great amalgamations such as the Sabatini London gin, with Italian botanicals. We shall always seek and find new products to keep il Calabrese an interesting place to visit, and to taste new Italian sensations.

Our Pizza is made in house with Concettas' dough recipe, and cooked fresh to order, our menu will no doubt grow and change as we go along, giving the best possible offering to our customers.

Here at Il Calabrese we want you to have a good time enjoying good wine and good food, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.  Good service is our maxim, and we shall look forward to welcoming customers returning and new to our little taste of Italy!

Robert Antonio Mills

Opening Hours

Opening Hours Winter 2020/21

Lunch service 12-2.30pm, Dinner service 5pm-8pm
Wednesday 2nd - 10am-3pm
Thursday 3rd - 10am-10pm
Friday 4th - 10am-10pm
Saturday 5th - 10am-10pm
Sunday 6th - Closed
Monday 7th - 10am-3pm
Tuesday 8th - 10am-3pm
Wednesday 9th - 10am-3pm
Thursday 10th - 10am-10pm
Friday 11th - 10am-10pm
Saturday 12th - 10am-10pm
Sunday 13th - 10am-3pm
Monday 14th - 10am-3pm
Tuesday 15th - 10am-3pm
Wednesday 16th - 10am-3pm
Thursday 17th - 10am-10pm
Friday 18th - 10am-10pm
Saturday 19th - 10am-10pm
Sunday 20th - 10am-3pm
Monday 21st - 10am-3pm
Tuesday 22nd - 10am-10pm
Wednesday 23rd - 10am-10pm
Thursday 24th 10am-12pm Midday
Closed from midday on 24th Dec until 10am Tuesday 29th Dec
Tuesday 29th - 10am-3pm
Wednesday 30th - 10am-3pm
Thursday 31st - 10am-10pm
Friday 1st Jan - CLOSED
Saturday 2nd Jan 10am-10pm
Sunday 3rd Jan - CLOSED

Order a takeaway now on

01263 479325

during our opening hours

for collection

lunchtime 12-2.30

or evenings 5-8pm